Navtor expanding its new Singapore office


​E-navigation specialist NAVTOR is continuing to build its business footprint beyond Europe, with the news that the Norwegian firm is expanding its new Singapore office. The base, which only opened in December 2014, has given the firm an important foothold in the key South East Asia market, driving new business with shipowners and managers such as NEOM, SeaTeam, Waruna Shipping, Samudera Shipping, and Sattech International.

Since launching its ENC service in 2012, NAVTOR has established a position as an e-navigation leader in Europe – bringing a series of products to market that simplify tasks for navigators, while enhancing safety, security and efficiency for shipowners and operators. Its move into Singapore, followed by another office opening in Japan in September 2015, demonstrates its ambition to take that success worldwide.

​“We’ve been very encouraged by the impact our products and services have made on the Asian market,” comments Tor Svanes, NAVTOR CEO. “In a relatively short space of time our Singapore office, headed by Jennifer Lee, formerly the UKHO’s Account Manager for ADMIRALTY Nautical Products and Services, Asia Pacific, has driven awareness of both the brand and the unique benefits of our technology.

“As a result we’ve decided to expand our workforce in Singapore, with Lawrence Yeow as our first new recruit. Lawrence joins as Area Sales Manager and has extensive experience of providing charts and publications in the region. We believe his expertise will be invaluable for industry players looking for simple, efficient and cost effective ENC distribution solutions.”

Børge Hetland, NAVTOR Sales Director, adds: “Our position in Europe is now well-established and we see Singapore as key to our on-going development. The Asian market is sophisticated and diverse, and our products really chime with shipowners that are open to the potential of e-navigation.

“By demonstrating how we deliver enhanced ship-shore interaction, state-of-the-art route planning and fleet management, and a better use of man-hours on board, we can help regional owners save time and money, while maximising performance and minimising fuel use.

“We have the solutions,” Hetland concludes, “and Singapore gives us the base to market them and drive further growth and innovations.”

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