New deal will make phone calls between China and Denmark cheaper

Photo: Garry Knight @ Flickr
Photo: Garry Knight @ Flickr

Today a new deal, that will lower the costs of cellphone calls between Denmark and China, has been signed. The price of data roaming on a Danish sim-card in China and vice versa will also be lowered.

Today it will cost you around 10 DKK per minute to make a cellphone call from China to Denmark on a Danish cellphone. A new agreement between the major Danish and Chinese tele-companies promises to lower the prices. According to the Henrik Sass Larsen, the Danish Minister of Business and Growth welcomes the new deal.

“I am happy that the Danish and Chinese tele-companies are ready to cooperate on lowering the roaming prices. It will be positive for Danish companies and citizens who travels to China and for the many Chinese tourists in Denmark,” he says in a press release.

Today the price of data can range up to more than 100 DKK per megabyte, when you visit China with your Danish cellphone. In comparison the price in EU countries would be less than 2 DKK. According to the agreement the negotiations between the companies shall end within 6 months.

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