NordCham Philippines host discussion on reliable water supply

The Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and partners are hosting the discussion desalination: A Reliable, Sustainable, and Affordable Water Supply on 18 June from 14:30 UTC+07-16:00 UTC+07.

More about the online event:

It is undeniable that the past year has been riddled with COVID-19 related issues worldwide. But what we continue to face here at home, in addition, is the battle with ensuring consistent and reliable water supply to meet the needs of our growing population, especially in denser urban areas. Let’s not forget that not too long ago, lack of enough water supply was headlining major news sources – and rightfully so. This challenge has not ceased and is a continuous political concern affecting the general public, and both the public and private sectors.

Different solutions are being explored, one of which is the implementation of desalination – a heavily contested technology in the current market due to its perceived adverse effect on the environment and its reputation of having a high cost for the end-user.

What we intend to explore in today’s discussion with leading industry experts across different organizations is the possibility to utilize this solution. As end-users, it will be our chance to hear why and why not – a healthy discourse on a technology that can be maximized for a country such as ours surrounded by water. All together we will begin to understand whether or not, with the implementation of innovations (such as green energy and digital transformations), desalination truly is a possible solution in the Philippines to help sustainably address the looming water crisis.

This Webinar is organized by the La Cámara and Acciona Construction Philippines, Inc., in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

Log-in details will be sent to registered participants an hour before the event. Register here

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