Nordic style kindergarten is a hit in China


The Danish way of teaching is headed for China. Danish theories on teaching have become so popular that it has now become an export.

”It’s become trendy to have the Danish style kindergarten, says head of education at VIA University College, Peter Møller Pedersen.

The Chinese want more creativity and games for their kids. The Danish way of teaching is especially good at incorporating this.

VIA University College is one of Denmark’s biggest suppliers of educations in theories in education and together with the municipality of Viborg they have created a project to bring the Danish way of teaching to China.

”Everybody wants their children to feel good and in China where most only have one child, they are very aware of their kids. They want their kids to thrive at school and they believe that the Danish way of teaching ensures this,” says Peter Møller Pedersen of VIA University College

”Denmark has a long tradition of focusing on development of each child at the same time the child learns to be active socially. The Chinese want this for their children because they can see that innovation and creativity is in demand. That is why we have started this project with them,” he explains.

VIA University College has mad agreements of cooperation in China where the Nordic inspired kindergarten will be found in Chengdu and Chongqing.

Even though the Chinese are asking for a kindergarten that focuses on the kids, they have trouble letting go of some things.

”It’s a meeting between different cultures and it is not always easy. For example we would like to use words like “kindergarten” and the Chinese would like to keep “pre-school” and “teacher” , even if they are asking for a more creative and individual approach to learning,” says Peter Møller Pedersen.

He thinks that the school system in China is becoming more creative and innovative.

“I am most likely showed the best schools when I visit China, so it might not be the case all over but my impression is that teachings focusing on creativity and innovation will spread fast in a few years,” he explains.

And the Chinese know what is required in a developing world.

“The Chinese know which way this is heading. They know that learning by heart is not the right way to go. We have to teach them that creativity and innovation is more than just Lego. That is possible to create something good with nothing but cardboard boxes or by using nature,” he says.

VIA University College from Denmark is working with a number of universities to educate teachers locally in China. It important that the Chinese are behind the teachings so they can use their new Danish educational knowledge in Chinese everyday life.

At the same time, Danish teachers can also learn a great deal from China that can be used back home, according to Peter Møller Pedersen. At the same time as Danish inspired kindergartens are being established in China, exchange programs for Danish and Chinese teachers are also being established.



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