Norwegian accused of murder refuses to give testimony

Today was set to be the last day of court before the ruling in a dramatic case, where a 50 year old Norwegian named Stein Dokset stands accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and concealing the body. However, Dokset refused to explain himself and as a consequence the Judge postponed the final day of court til August 22, leaving the Norwegian in prison for five more months.

The Norwegian is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Rungnapa “June” Ratchasombut in the summer of 2009, and then hiding the body in a dumpster in his luxury villa in Phuket for the next two and a half years. Authorities believe he killed his ex-girlfriend deliberately and Dokset risks the death penalty or life imprisonment if found guilty.

In trial, Dokset refused to accept the appointed interpreter.  He explained that the Thai woman is a journalist from a a local newspaper in Phuket, which he would no accept.

Both the Judge and Dokset’s three lawyers tried  to persuade him to approve the interpreter but Dokset refused. The judge declared the court adjourned after half an hour of discussion.

After the brief conference with prosecutors and defense, the Judge decided that the case should continue August 22.

When he was arrested by the Thai federal police last year,  Dokset explained that June had died accidentally during a scuffle in which she hit her head on the wall and fallen down the stairs. He then panicked and put the corpse in the garbage container – which moved from room to room in the house and then ended up in a bathroom in the basement.

Dokset pleads innocent to all charges

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