Norwegian jumps to his death in Pattaya reports that a forty-year-old Norwegian national, named Frode, was found dead lying on the ground outside View Talay Condominium Phase 3, Soi 6, Pratumnak Hill on Sunday morning 29 May. The body was found at the foot of Tower B.
In his possession the dead man had a needle & syringe set and a broken, blooded kitchen knife was found nearby. Next to the body another Norwegian national was found sitting, apparently in a state where he was unable to explain anything.

It is believed that the dead person named Frode jumped from floor ten and killed himself. In his friend’s apartment the police discovered twenty-nine year old Thai woman, who was suffering from serious stab wounds to the head and neck, being comforted by her friend. She was rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital. There were also signs of a desperate struggle, a fight and blood around the area.

Frode’s friend told the police that he owned the condo and that Frode had been staying with him. On the evening of 28 May they had paid for the two women to join them for a private party back at the condo. Frode’s friend had gone out to buy more alcohol in the early morning hours and found his friend dead on the street upon returning.

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