Norwegian man in desperate need of rare blood type

A 37 year old Norwegian man hospitalized in Phuket is in desperate need for a O-negative blood transfusion in order to survive, according to Phuket Gazette. The man, suffering from anemia, is in intensive care unit at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket.  Due to his unique blood type and a shortage at the hospital’s blood bank, his future does not look bright.

“We have none of this blood type in stock, and we need to replenish our stocks of all blood types,” said PRBC Chief Pornthip Rattajak to the Phuket Gazette and encourages people to come donate blood.

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4 Comments on “Norwegian man in desperate need of rare blood type”

  1. Well according to Pornthip Rattajak they are in need of all blood types, so I’m sure that if you go donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have blood group 0 RH positive which I understand can be given to most people even with other blood groups.

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