Norwegian shot by ex-Wife’s new husband

A Norwegian man was shot in the neck while fighting with his ex-wife’s new husband in Khamphaeng Phet in Nakhon Sawan province, reports Pattaya Daily.

According to the news media, the Norwegian’s ex-wife denied to hand over their 3 year old daughter as agreed upon in their custody arrangement. She told the police that she refused because their daughter was sick and her new husband was helping her to take care of the daughter.

The new husband explained to the police that he was sleeping when the Norwegian suddenly entered their apartment and began destroying their property which he tried to stop him from doing. In the fight they fell down a staircase and a gun, which he claimed belonged to the  Norwegian fell on the ground. While the two men struggled to get the gun it fired twice ‘by itself’ he explained to the police.

It was the ex-wife and her new husband who called the policed and informed them that the Norwegian had been shot.



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  1. Omg this story reads like the worst kind of fiction!! They were never married for a start grrr. The press is despicable in any language obviously!!!

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