Norwegian suspected of manslaughter disappears: Interpol issues Red Notice

norwegian kills british national phuket
Roger Bullman as photographed after a fight which allegedly led to the death of British Amitpal Singh Bajaj. Photo: Karon Police.

Interpol has sent out Red Notice for 54-year-old Norwegian man who is accused of killing a 34-year-old British national in Phuket in the early hours of 21 August 2019 according to The Nation Thailand.

The Red Notice roughly translates to an international arrest warrant.

The victim’s family has said they are “bewildered” why the court released the suspect, Norwegian Roger Bullman on a bail instead of keep him in custody until the trial could take place.

It is unknown where the Norwegian is at the moment, but police have told The Nation Thailand that based on what they have heard, they have reason to suspect he might have fled to Vietnam.

Interpol issued the Red Notice on the request of the Thai police in order to find the suspect.

Allegedly choked to death

The British national, Amitpal Singh Bajaj, was killed in the early hours of 21 August 2019 by Roger Bullman, who was allegedly heavily intoxicated by alcohol.

According to the victim’s wife, who was with him shortly before he died, the couple lived in the adjacent room to Roger Bullman at Centara Grand Resort, Phuket.

In the middle of the night he burst into the British couple’s room where he attacked Amitpal Singh Bajaj, who asked his wife to bring herself and their young son to safety.

It is unclear whether Amitpal Singh Bajaj addressed Roger Bullman to ask the Norwegian to keep quiet, or whether the suspect burst uninvited into the victim’s room.

In the room, the two got in a fight where Roger Bullman, bodyguard and martial arts expert, allegedly choked Amitpal Singh Bajaj, who was later declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Roger Bullman has been charged with manslaughter and faces additional charges of trespassing to cause harm at night according to The Nation Thailand.

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