Norwegian Uyghur Commission: China is behind frequent hacking attempts

Such e-mails are frequently received by members of the Norwegian Tibetan Commission. Photo: Private

The Norwegian Uyghur Committee and other Chinese minority groups globally experience frequent hacking attempts as piracy attempts have increased in recent years and accuse China of being behind the attempts, media Brytfmonline writes.

Adljan Abdul Rahim, secretary of the Norwegian Uyghur Committee says to media TV2 that The Norwegian Uyghur Committee criticizes the Chinese authorities for their persecution and suppression of the rights of Uighurs in Xinjiang and that China is behind the attacks.

According to Adljan Abdul Rahim, they often receive the following message: «Ops! State authorities are trying to take your password. “ but that it takes a while before Gmail informs them that hackers are trying to take their password. It is not only Gmail, hackers are trying to get into, also Facebook and other social media platforms and the Norwegian Uyghur Committee receive many reports of concern from Uighurs in Norway.

Adljan Abdul Rahim explains that the attacks are a kind of attempt to threaten Uighurs in exile and force them to remain silent. China is also trying to warn Uighurs that family members may be punished for their activities abroad.

Adljan Abdul Rahim says that the Norwegian Uyghur Committee has been in contact with several experts for training on how to protect themselves on the internet. The committee recommends its members to use more than one device and he says that they know many Uyghurs, for example, use two cell phones. He says one of them is only used for Chinese applications.

Uyghurs are not the only Chinese minority group in Norway to have experienced hacking attacks and the Norwegian Tibetan Commission is also receiving similar warnings from Google that hackers supported by authorities of another country are trying to take their password.

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