Opening of Pandora Innovation Center in Thailand


On 19 June, the Danish jewelry company Pandora officially opened its new Innovation Center east of Bangkok. The Danish ambassador was there to give a speech.

Pandora’s Innovation Center is the first of its kind in the jewelry industry and brings together Creative Design, Research and Development and New Product Launches under one roof.

On the occasion of the opening ceremony, the ambassador of Denmark to Thailand, Mikael H. Winther gave a speech emphasizing the strong partnership and collaboration between Denmark and Thailand. He also talked about the skilled craftsmanship that Thailand is well-known for, which complements Danish creativity and innovation.

In addition, the ambassador highlighted the importance of Pandora’s Innovation Center for Denmark and Thailand’s economies that will be impacted positively through enhanced capacity and capability, skill enhancement, productivity and efficiency.

Finally, he stressed that Pandora’s way of doing business represents Denmark very well due to its great focus on Danish values, staff development, transparency and CSR.

Founded in 1982, Pandora’s is one of the world’s largest jewelry brands with more than 6,200 employees and products sold in more than 70 countries.


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