Osteoporosis for Lunch

Renowned Dr. Ungsana Uarakpong, Rheumatologist and specialist in Osteoporosis from Bangkok Hospital was the guest speaker at the Swedish Association’s Ladies Lunch on November 22nd, held at restaurant the Brasserie de Paris in Hua Hin.

Dr.Ungsana is a highly regarded authority in the science of Osteoporosis, a very common ailment for women above 50 years of age in Europe and America.

Dr. Ungsana Ukarapong from Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin received a thank from Ms. Margareta Olsson, Swedish Association

Dr. Ungsana informed how the ladies could keep them prolong health in their older years and people who have already been diagnosed with symptoms of Osteoporosis were given advice on medical treatments including a change of lifestyle habits involving more exercise and improved diets.

Dr. Ungsana concluded the event by presenting the guests with a folder containing a special offer from Bangkok Hospital for a health examination. Furthermore, guests were offered a special price for examinations for BMD and osteoporosis.

The Lunch was attended by around 40 engaging and enthusiastic women.

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