Personal goodbye from Kim Scheibel, Chairman of DCCC East

Chairman’s corner with Kim Scheibel

Kim Scheibel, Chairman of DCCC East will be returning to Denmark in the summer and sends his personal goodbye to DCCC this time around in the latest DCCC East newsletter.

Kim Scheibel will step down as Chairman of DCCC East at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 24th March, where he looks forward to seeing all DCCC’s members in person this year.

Kim Scheibel writes, “it has been an incredible year for all of us here in China, but also for DCCC where physical meetings at times were not recommended, we have therefore turned to a new way of meeting – Webinars have become the new norm, my personal opinion is that we have possibly had too many Webinars combined, but all beginnings are difficult, so I’m sure we will all find a comfortable level of combining Webinars with meetings face-to-face, once the vaccines are rolled out globally.”

Kim Scheibel personally looks very much forward to see who will fill the next Board seats in DCCC East and to whom he shall pass the Chairmanship over to. In addition, he sends a reminder to DCCC members to sign up for the AGM on 24 March as the member’s vote is very important for the future of DCCC and their collaborative network platform here in/around Shanghai.

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