Scandinavian designer Søren Mats invites DCCC members to showroom office event

Scandinavian designer Søren Mats invites DCCC members to Showroom Office Drinks at his showroom for Matz Form in HuangPu District, Shanghai on 19 March.

The invitation reads:

Do you like looking at and sitting on aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian-design furniture? Then you’ll enjoy coming to Matz Form’s showroom for a social evening. Søren Mats has graciously invited DCCC members to come to visit.

You can expect good company, beautiful wooden furniture and a drink in hand when you come to take a look. If you like timeless design and environmentally conscious furniture, then perhaps you might even leave with a chair or two, but only if you pay for them!

An introduction to MatzForm:

MatzForm is one man’s dream come true. For over 38 years, master cabinetmaker Søren Matz has been dedicated to quality furniture. He has made furniture for the rich and influential across four continents, but what he dreamed of was to bring finely designed and superbly manufactured furniture to the world. With MatzForm, that dream has been realized. After spending 18 years in Japan making fine cabinetry, Søren moved to China to establish his label- a line of elegant, quality furnishings made to the highest standards of quality, manufactured under license in China to the strictest of environmental considerations. He succeeded. MatzForm brings fine design, heirloom quality, and eco-awareness together.

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