Thai-Dansk grammatik for begyndere


Unlock the complexities of Thai grammar with ‘Thai-Dansk grammatik for begyndere.’ Designed for Danish speakers, this invaluable reference book provides in-depth explanations, making it an essential tool for those learning Thai, whether in a course or through self-study. Written by a Danish speaker with years of experience in Thailand, it’s accessible to all, even those with minimal grammar background.

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“Thai-Dansk grammatik for begyndere” is a language book written for Danish speakers who wants to understand Thai grammar. It is designed as a kind of reference work, which Danes who want to learn Thai have long missed.

The book contains in-depth explanations of Thai grammar that many students and language enthusiasts have difficulty understanding.

When studying Thai, basic Thai is probably the most demanding level, and here “Thai-Danish grammar” is an invaluable aid to further understanding the Thai language.

“Thai-Danish grammar” can be used both in addition to Thai courses as well as self-study assistance.

“Thai-Danish Grammar” is written by a Danish speaker who has been studying in Thailand for a number of years and who is familiar with the learning processes and challenges of being a Danish speaker, must go through to understand Thai grammar properly.

“Thai-Danish grammar” is written with a Danish pronunciation transcription and is easily understood so that readers who have not previously had much interest in grammar can also benefit greatly from the textbook.

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