Saab showcases cutting-edge techs in Manila’s aerospace, defence show

Defence and Security Company Saab will be exhibiting its latest range of cutting-edge technologies across the aerospace domain, covering defence, surveillance, and combat management systems at the Asian Defence & Security (ADAS) 2014 in Manila. saabgroop

Saab will be participating in the Philippine’s largest and most important aerospace and defence exhibition being organized in Manila at stand 1740 between July 16-18, 2014. The exhibition will be held at World Trade Centre, Metro Manila.

Saab aims to showcase the width of Saab product portfolio, Saab technology transfer and efficiency of Saab products; aimed at strengthening Saab’s commitment to the Philippines.

Saab will be showcasing an array of products including the Gripen fighter jets, Erieye surveillance system, RBS70 NG air defence missile system, Giraffe AMB radar systems, 9LV Combat Management System and Maritime Aircraft Saab 340 MSA.

ADAS 2014 will attract a large amount of interest from Asia Pacific defence forces and industry in general and Philippines in particular.

Mikael Olsson, Executive Vice President, Saab Asia Pacific says, “Saab is a willing partner in the defence and security of the Philippines. At the ADAS 2014, Saab will present its cutting edge technologies to demonstrate our commitment towards modernization and procurement by the Armed Forces of Philippines. The Asian Defence & Security (ADAS) 2014 gives us an opportunity to showcase a broad range of technologies.”

Saab brings to the Philippines world leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab is a responsible partner supporting the Philippine’s national security goals in developing advanced defence systems.

Source: Saab Group

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