Scandinavian films to screen at European Union Film Festival, Singapore

On May 10th to May 20th the 28th edition of the European Union Film Festival (EUFF) will show contemporary cinema from 24 European countries.

And among those 24 countries, every Scandinavian country is represented, with movies ranking from brutal war thrillers to romantic dramas about violin players with broken fingers (and broken hearts).

From Denmark, Martin Zandvliet’s Under Sandet (Land of Mine) will take the viewer to one of the dark chapters of a recently ended WWII. We follow a group of (very) young German soldiers given the dangerous and violent task of removing landmines from the Danish shore.

Under Sandet (Land of Mine) stars Roland Møller as the sergeant responsible for the kids removing the mines. Photo: Christian Geisnæs

The Swedish contribution to the festival is the documentary Superswede: A Film About Ronnie Petersson. The documentary examines one of the greatest race car drivers of Sweden, Ronnie Petersson, and also provides the viewer with an insight on the hard environment of professional race car driving.

Ronnie Peterson tragically lost his life after a crash on the Morza-track in Italy, only 34 years old. Photo: IMG Global Film

Seemingly Scandinavia is really fond of portraying the events of WWII and Norway is no exception. The Norwegian contribution is Kongens Nei (The King’s Choice). The film revolves around Norwegian King Haakon VII’s choice to support the Allies against Nazi Germany and refusing to surrender Norway to the Nazis. This led to the royal family’s escape from Norway.

Kongens Nei (The King’s Choice) stars Danish Jesper Christensen as King Haakon VII. He’s internationally famous as Mr. White from the recent James Bond movies. Photo: John Christian Rosenlund

The final Scandinavian film to screen is the Finnish Viulisti (The Violin Player). The story revolves around a violin player who loses her skills after a car accident. She decides to teach 20-years younger students in the art of the violin and ends up falling in love with one of her students, Antti.

Finnish playwright Paavo Westerberg makes his directorial debut with Viulisti, and will also be present after the screening. Photo: Mjölk Movies, Malla Hukkanen

For more information about the festival including the full program, visit EUFF’s website.

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