Scandinavian Women’s Association and Fika Café create charity awareness


On their first event together, SWA and Fika Café attracted more than 40 attendees interested in hearing about local charity in Singapore. And who better to explain this subject than founder of Breadline Group, Richard Lim, himself? He was rewarded with a donation of SGD 24.600 to Breadline Group from Danish Business Association Singapore, money which came from the charity auction at the Great DABS Ball in April 2016, and money, which will go in full to help unprivileged families in Singapore. Guests were rewarded, too, with inspiration in how to make a difference in their surrounding society, and thereby Fika Café and SWA reached their overall goal for this event: to create charity awareness.

In the homely and cozy interior to Fika, more than a half hundred people were welcomed by SWA’s President, Maria Therese Hedenborg, and Fika Café-owner, Tasneem Noor. Before the first official cheque handover from Danish Business Association (DABS), guests were mingling and treated with delicious Scandinavian canapés and coffee, and all had one thing in common: curiosity about how to give back to the community. Richard Lim, owner of charity organization, Breadline Group, was key speaker at the event. Breadline Group takes care of underprivileged families, and the organization have no employees, but instead over 100 volunteers to run the company. Richard Lim stepped onto the stage without a microphone. He didn’t need one, because people were eager to hear every word he had to say, and every word he said touched every single heart in the room.




”I have been in Breadline Group for 41 years. Today, we still don’t have an office, and I still don’t have paid staff. Why? Because all our money goes in full to the underprivileged families, not us. That’s what charity is all about,” he said in his speech.

This evening, Mette Line Pedersen, DABS Committee Member, handed over a cheque of SGD 24.600 to Breadline Group, and Richard thanked deeply for the great gesture, which will help a lot of families in Singapore. The event focused on inspiration to help the local society, and guests connected and shared ideas to how they could contribute to Breadline Group. In general, Breadline Group matches volunteers with a family in need, which the volunteer visits every month. However, there are still many ways to help Breadline Group taking care of families, and tonight’s guests had loads of creative ideas. For example, Niva Dharma, owner of a beauty salon in Singapore, was inspired to contribute with her professional skills for charity causes.

“Tonight I was very inspired to give to the local community. I already have an idea on how I can give back. I am thinking of offering beauty services to future SWA events, where the money raised will go to charity,” says Niva Dharma.

Another inspired guest was Sherin Gill, director of Spick n’ Span Cleaning Services. She came tonight to support her friend, Tasmeen Noor, and now she will support Breadline Group, too.

“I want to arrange cleaning services for the families to Breadline Group. I am so glad I joined this event tonight, because I had no idea what it was all about. Tasmeen invited me, and I was curious about it. It was exactly what I was looking for, and if my help can make a change for others, I am very, very happy,” says Sherin Gill.

Richard Lim was happy to mingle and answer the many questions. He kindly to ScandAsia as well, and only at one moment he was caught with a Swedish canapé in his hand.

“This is my first bite tonight, and I have to say, Scandinavian food is very delicious,” said Richard.

Among the guests were also Miss Earth Singapore, Tiara Hadi, who was very impressed of the work done by Breadline Group.

“I know myself how hard work it is to do charity, but Richard Lim never takes focus away from the main subject: to help the people in need. He is very transparent about his work, and what he does is very respectful,” says Tiara Hadi.

Mia Klüwer Nielsen, administrator to the Danish Seamen’s Church, attended the DABS ball in April, where she missed more information from the charity auction about this Breadline Group.

“I remember I was fascinated about this organization, when it was introduced at the DABS ball, but I would love to hear more about it. That’s why I am here tonight. Giving to others is something I am deeply passionate about, especially when it regards children in need. I am very happy to know all the money raised from the auction will go directly to families in need,” she says.

“Tonight has been a success,” says Maria Therese Hedenborg. “I am so glad to see many new faces, and to see how people have been inspired. They understand their help, even how big or small, can do a difference.”

As Richard Lim said himself: “Once a group of young students raised money for Breadline Group, but they were so embarrassed about the amount they collected, that they were wondering if they should tell me or not. In the end, they told me, and I was very touched to hear they had made the effort at all, and I personally went to their school and thanked them. I promise you, no help is considered too little.”

All guests of tonight’s event paid SGD 25, which all will go directly to Breadline Group. SWA has been supporting Breadline Group since 1995.

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