Scandinavians, foreign tourists flock to peaceful Krabi

Despite Thailand’s ongoing political unrest that continues to make headline news around the world, the beautiful beaches, unspoiled islands of Krabi continue to attract planeloads of visitors from everyday, according to tourism and local officials.aonang

Viyada Srirangkul, director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Krabi office, said in an interview with Thai-language newspaper, Thai Rath, that hotels were almost always fully-booked, with 20 incoming domestic flights, 4-5 flights from Malaysia and Singapore, plus 12-15 chartered flights from Scandinavia, Russia and China each day.

“The negative impact of political uncertainty and violence elsewhere in Thailand may have shocked some tourists initially. But now they understand that it’s okay to visit and enjoy themselves in peaceful Krabi,” Viyada said.

Krabi’s high season for tourism falls between November and April. It is estimated that tourist arrivals in Krabi will rise 7 per cent and generating up to THB60 billion to the local economy this year. Last year, Krabi received 3 million visitors.

Source: Thairath

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