Security Checkup: Vacationing In Bali

If you are currently planning a trip to Bali and you have never been here before, you are going to have to get prepared for some less than 100% safe traveling conditions. Visiting Bali and staying safe will most likely require some extra focus and skills, but it is not impossible to do. For starters, pedestrians tend to be practically nonexistent as far as motorcyclists and car drivers are concerned. In other words, you will need to move fast, look both ways and hope no unfortunate incident will happen while you reach the other side of the street. And this is just one of the problems you will need to get used to when coming here as a tourist.

What To Expect In Bali

Safety is unfortunately one of the biggest concerns that could potentially ruin your otherwise perfect island vacation. You might come across snatch thieves, undertow, or car accidents every step of the way. These are unfortunately all real possibilities in Bali, and they might quickly throw you on the ground from your puffy cloud of island serenity. If you know the “no-go“ zones in your town or city and know which streets to avoid walking in at night or how to lock your doors and windows to stay safe, you will not have the same advantage in Bali.

Since the place is new and exciting for you, it might make you easily lose your mind and start ignoring even the most basic safety measures. Never forget to lock your doors and windows at night, no matter if you have rented a villa or you are staying in one of the luxury hotels here. Always keep your room key on you at all times and make sure it does not get misplaced, lost, or stolen. If you can easily call a local locksmiths like the ones in Denver and make sure you have them quickly come over and rekey your lock or make a duplicate key when at home, staying at a hotel in Bali will make that more difficult. Coming back to your hotel room at night will not only potentially jeopardize your safety, but the last thing you want to do is discover you have lost your rooms key and are forced to visit the receptionist and ask for a spare.

Keep Your Belongings Secure At All Times

While theft is officially considered a relatively low risk in Bali, you are very likely to hear about nearby cases of snatch-theft as well as hotel from hotel rooms like the one you are planning on staying in. Even a room in a luxury resort is not to be considered 100% safe; keep in mind Bali is not 100% safe and you will need to carefully follow a few precious precautions:

  • make full use of the hotel safe and security boxes whenever you can; make sure they have locks that do not look damaged or shattered in any way.

  • let the hotel manager or receptionist know about any potential problems such as a broken lock or a door for which you have lost the key or the key was stolen from you. Local Bali hotels and resorts work together with locksmiths in the area who specialize in commercial services such as lock rekey, lock repair, new lock and dead bolt installation, security system installation and maintenance and the list could go on ,they will be prompt to get in touch with an authorized locksmith and get the security problem fixed in no time so you can feel safe again inside their hotel.

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