Selling Singaporean food in Finland

For some Singaporeans living abroad, the thing they miss most isn’t family or friends.

It’s food.

To show how this could be turned into a good business, ChannelNewsAsia interviewed Jasni Zakaria, a 52 years old Singaporean, who has lived in Finland for 23 years. At first, Jasni had just cooked for himself, because he couldn’t find food that he liked. Whatever was sold in Finland as Asian food was either too oily or not spicy enough for his taste.

Then he served it for his friends and it turned out that the Finns liked it too.

Today, Jasni Zakaria has made a good side business out of selling mee goreng, fried rice, spring rolls, curry puffs and chicken curry from a movable food stall that he places outside pubs, hotels or football matches in Jyväskylä, about four hours away from Helsinki.

His prices are moderate. He sells curry puffs at 1 Euro each fried rice at 3 – 5 Euro he told ChannelNewsAsia and added, that on a good night he can make a profit of 1000 Euro.

ChannelNewsAsia placed the story on its Facebook page, where it created a lively debate among Singaporeans claiming mostly that there is no such thing as Singaporean food – only Malay, Indonesian, Chinese.

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