Singapore has the world’s most powerfull passport

180 countries. That’s how many countries citizens of Singapore are allowed to enter visa-free, which makes it the world’s most powerfull passport, tied with Japan.

Screenshot of the top ranking passports

Once every year Henley & Partners Holding release their report Global Passport Index in which they rank the passports of the world according to visa-free movability.

This report highly reflects the countries global reputation which is something that constantly changes.

Ranking in on the third place lies several Scandinavian countries; Denmark, Sweden and Finland all have access to 178 countries worldwide.

And Singapore has made quite a climb the past years. In 2016 citizens of the country only had visa-free access to 173 countries worldwide, which means that they’ve increased their ‘travel freedom’ with seven countries in only two years.

The Scandinavian countries hasn’t moved for the last couple of years which reflects a seemingly stable relation to the increasingly globalizing world.

The report can be further studied here.

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