Singapore opens bubble hotel for business travelers

Singapore is opening the first corona-friendly business hotel that allows people to work in the same room and business travelers to hold face-to-face meetings.

International business travel is still discouraged due to the pandemic despite the various rollouts of vaccines globally. In Singapore however, it is now possible for business travelers to meet colleagues from near and far without the risk of corona exposure, and the hotel, Connect @ Changi has opened its doors as the first corona-friendly hotel.

The hotel features facilities including meeting rooms equipped with airtight glass walls, separate ventilation systems, and a microphone system mounted on each side of the glass that allows communication. Additionally, Connect @ Changi has a room with ultraviolet light that can disinfect documents, making sharing among colleagues possible.

Built in an Expo Center, the Hotel was originally designed to hold concerts and conferences but business travelers can now enjoy the 150 rooms and 40 corona-safe meeting rooms. The room price starts around DKK 1800 per. night, which includes board, airport transfers, and corona tests required during the stay.

Travelers must take a coronate test before departure from their country of origin and again when landing at Changi Airport in Singapore. They are sent directly from the airport to the hotel and directly back again and visitors do not have access to Singapore.

The hotel has already welcomed guests from Asia, Europe, and the middle east.

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