Singapore’s ArtScience Museum to showcase Swedish Filmmaker Roy Andersson’s latest film

If you are a fan of the Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson, you can watch his latest film ‘About Endlessness (2019)’ at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Combining the mesmerizing urban loneliness of Edward Hopper paintings with the unapologetically absurdist humor of newspaper comic strips, Roy Andersson’s latest film of his magnificent career is a kaleidoscopic ode to what it means to be human. 

Featuring 33 loosely interlacing stories, Andersson takes viewers through an omnipresent journey to everywhere and nowhere, gentle cruising through tragicomic vignettes of alcoholic priests having crises of faiths, marital indiscretions in wet markets, ghosted dates in pallid diners, carefree youths in the rapturous dance of summer, and more. 

Darkly funny yet mournful, crushingly helpless yet soaringly hopeful, About Endlessness taps into the spirits and histories of cities in observing the timelessness of human despair – but it is also a ceaseless, triumphant celebration of courage and the urbanity of existence. 

The screening is part of the Textures Of The City event at the ArtScience Museum and ‘About Endlessness’ will be shown on 10 October and 24 October at 2 pm and on 4 November and 5 November at 11 am. 

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