Special Tourist Visa to Thailand is now available

Since the breakout of Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Thailand announced all borders closure to curb virus spreading. Recently after the country has been keeping a good record of infected numbers, the government has decided to reopen the country to tourism once again.

According to the Royal Thai Embassy in Finland announcement you can now apply for Special Tourist Visa to Thailand STV. The same goes for the other Nordic countries.

Aming the conditions is that the Thai government seeks your corporation of 14 days quarantine after arrival at your own expense. As well as wearing mask in public places is consider a good etiquette. For more information on how to prepare yourself before your next take off, please read:

Special Tourist Visa to Thailand

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2 Comments on “Special Tourist Visa to Thailand is now available”

  1. The fact is, that there are many other holiday destinations in the world that are easier to enter, have no imprisonment in quaranteen, are more tourist friendly (for example no racist dual-pricing),, are cleaner without millions of stray dogs, are democratic, have the freedom of speech, offer visitors and expats equal right as locals, and follow sustainability in promising something and then acting according to their promises.
    Thailand has lost the tourism, and the sad fact is that Thais are too dumb to understand that this has nothing to do with the pandemic; the fall of Thailand is already BEFORE tha pandemic. The pandemic only steepend the downfall.
    Game over Thailand. Take a look in the mirror, and try FOR ONE FIRST TIME admit who is the culprit… 😉

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