Yindii launches a mobile application to connect consumers with food joints to tackle climate change

Yindii, a Thai anti-food-waste startup, launches a mobile application designed to match hungry, deal-seeking Bangkok residents with environmentally-conscious restaurants, grocery stores and cafes offering delicious food that could otherwise go to waste. Through its discounted “flash sales,” Yindii helps battle an escalating societal problem while enabling restaurants to gain potentially lost revenue.

Yindii’s mobile application is designed to be a direct-to-consumer platform created for restaurants and cafes who can create exclusive and immediate “Happy Hour Deals” offers regularly, with up to discount from 50 to 70%. Once a Yindii box offer is published, Yindii users can then purchase the Yindii box before heading to the restaurant to collect their items or getting them delivered. Transactions are completed electronically. Consumers can discover what is inside when they open their surprise gift box. Aside from the savings – and committing to the reduction of food waste – consumers benefit from the app by connecting with their favourite food joints to easily find highly discounted items. 

“33% of all food produced globally is wasted or lost every year. That is close to a billion and a half tons which is never consumed, accounting for 8% of the greenhouse gas emissions around the globe, 4 times more polluting than the airline industry. All this is an ecological disaster! The growing problem of food waste is challenging to solve for endless reasons including logistics, the complexities of short-lived items and the lack of a set market, which is what we are working to help solve – with a simple system for people and restaurants of surplus food to connect and enact.” says Yindii founder and tech entrepreneur Louis-Alban Batard-Dupre

“All the food available on Yindii is delicious and untouched, coming from premium places, that just cannot wait for tomorrow to be eaten. Think about pastries in coffee shops or fresh meals in restaurants. Our community, the Food Waste Fighters, can rescue the food and provide access to quality meals at an affordable price.”, he added. 

For the first 100 users who download the app, Yindii is offering free delivery up to 5km from any store with the code: SAVETHEPLANET. 

Available for download on Apple’s app store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices, the Yindii app features an initial group of restaurants and cafes including: Sofitel Sukhumvit, Veganerie, Ohana Poke, Broccoli Revolution, Delifrance, Sunshine Market, Banana Warrior, among others.


About Yindii

With one third of food produced globally is lost or wasted every year, Yindii was established with a simple mission: to make sure delicious unsold meals are tasted, not wasted. Yindii is Thailand’s first food rescue application connecting consumers with restaurants and cafes which have excess food products at discounted prices. For more information about Yindii and to join the movement, visit https://www.yindii.co, or download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

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