Swede buys Bugatti Chiron replica made from scrap metal in Thailand

A Swedish national has just purchased a Bugatti Chiron built entirely by hand using only scrap metals from Scrap Metal Art Thailand.

Scrap Metal Art Thailand is located about two hours east of Bangkok and CB Media recently had the opportunity to check out the facility and was blown away by what they found. The facility houses a collection of extraordinary art pieces made from scrap metal, including life-size transformers that stand upwards of 30-feet tall.

The attention to detail on the Bugatti Chiron is impressive and those that built the vehicle even went to the trouble of creating a replica engine from scrap metal.

Scrap Art Metal Thailand also has several other luxury scrap cars including a replica of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL and a Ferrari 250 GTO replica made from scrap metal as well.

The Bugatti Chiron replica will be shipped to its new owner in Sweden from Thailand soon.

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