Sweden and Singapore among top 5 countries best prepared for the green tech transition

Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, The United States and the Netherlands are the five most prepared countries to use, adopt or adapt to frontier technologies, which will be essential to the green tech transition. This is according to data released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

166 countries were ranked on their level of preparedness to start using frontier technologies.

Following indicators were used to rank the countries: ICT, Skills, Industry, Research and Development and Finance.

The data shows, that there’s a clear gap between high income countries and lower income countries. Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa are the least ready to adapt to new technologies. This means, that low-income countries are most at risk of missing out on current technological opportunities.

Despite China’s ability to produce and innovate frontier technologies, the country ranked lower than expected. The country was ranked 35th, due to its urban-rural disparities in internet coverage and broadband speed.

Other southeast Asian countries did better than expected, including Philippines which was ranked 57th and Vietnam that came in as 45th best country.

Source: weforum.org

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