Sweden promotes Thai project against child exploitation

On 1 July, Åsa Hedén, Counsellor Head of Regional Development Cooperation for Asia and Pacific, gave an opening remark at the “Online Child Safety Webinar: Thailand’s Response” by the HUG Project Thailand, supported by the World Childhood Foundation.    

The HUG Project Thailand is preventing, protecting, and restoring children from sexual abuse and human trafficking. The project recently launched a child-friendly interactive guide on the prevention of child online sexual exploitation. 

The Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok states:

Sweden takes children’s rights and protection against threats and violence seriously. Sweden was one of the first countries to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 2018, Sweden adopted a bill on making the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Swedish law. This means that children will be in greater focus in situations that apply to them. 

Find the Thai guide here. And the English guide here.

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