Sweden’s Bluewater launches water purifiers in China

Sweden’s Bluewater™ brand and cutting-edge SuperiorOsmosis™ water purification technology will be launched in China at the Beijing ISH International Trade Fair, May 13-15, 2014, on booth E2-20 in the New China International Exhibition Center. Bluewater’s compact high-end water purifier’s harness patented SuperiorOsmosis™ water purification technology that turns tap water into healthier drinking water by removing practically all known contaminants.bluewater

Company chief executive Niclas Wullt said:

“Bluewater’s SuperiorOsmosis™ addresses consumer fears about the quality of their tap water by efficiently cleaning it of toxins, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, salt, heavy metals, nitrates and fluoride, hard water, arsenic, and poor taste and smell.

“Innovated, designed and made in Sweden, Bluewater’s exciting technology allows consumers and commercial kitchens to enjoy on-demand clean, uncontaminated water direct from their taps.”

The Bluewater SuperiorOsmosis™ water purification technology has proven a major success story in Europe and North American thanks to its proven ability to generate purified water on demand, using little energy and slashing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional reverse osmosis systems.

Source: PR*Urgent

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