Swedes abandon Thailand as tourist destination


The Swedes have given up on Thailand, it seems. The number of trips to what used to be a popular destination has decreased by 25 percent and has slipped from the top-ten list and now comes in at twelfth place.

The past 20 years, Thailand has been a success story when it comes to tourism. In 1992 the Swedes made over 100,000 trips there, and 10 years later in 2002, the number had doubled. 2010 peaked for Sweden-Thailand traveling with 443,000 trips, but in 2011, the number of trips had gone from 430,000 to 323,000 trips.

According to vagabond.se, one reason is probably saturation. Many Swedes have traveled to Thailand for several years and has now become curious about other places, such as the Caribbean and the United States, which travel companies are investing heavily in. Another reason is that Thailand is starting to feel exploited and “normal”, the same fate that befell Mallorca in the 1990’s.

New York has become a popular destination for Swedes, followed by Florida. Interest in the U.S. has increased for several years and has recently been further increased because of the new routes, cheaper fares and perhaps above all a strong crown and thus a cheap dollar, which has made the U.S. into a shopping paradise for the Swedes.



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  1. So true Tomas – So many Russians and Chinese! Plus the fact that Thailand used to be a really safe place, it was democratic and most were staunch Buddhists. I think tourism (and money) has changed the country and not in a good way. This year I went to the Maldives instead for some sun. Not many Russians. Yet!

  2. I tink one reason why the Swedes are now leaving Thailand for other countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia and so on, is that it has become for many Russian tourists in Thailand.

    Swedes like to see people from many different countries, but when more than 50 percent of the tourists in Thailand comes from Russia – well then it’s not so funny anymore.

  3. I have talked to many Swedes and many are very concerned about the growing crimes on the beaches and the lack of clearing up from the Thai police and an general expression of neclect from the authorities to put pressure on the police for fair trials.

  4. Well the same was said about last year. Total figures for the year turned out to be no drop in tourism from Sweden actually! And some Swedish/Scandinavian insiders in the hospitality industry and what they are seeing, for instance hoteliers in Bangkok, and what they are seeing and hearing in bookings and interest from Sweden via travel against gives no indication of any drop – on the contrary!!

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