Swedish ambassador speaks at Cambodian corruption report launch

Swedish ambassador Anna Maj Hultgård speaking at the launch. Photo: Twitter@DestnJustice
Swedish ambassador Anna Maj Hultgård speaking at the launch. Photo: [email protected]

Despite some strengths and signs of progress a new report claims that Cambodia’s integrity system remains weak. Swedish Ambassador Anna Maj Hultgård spoke in support the Cambodian efforts to fight corruption.

A new report from Transparency International Cambodia was released yesterday 9th of September at Raffles in Phnom Penh. The Swedish Ambassador to Cambodia Anna Maj Hultgård was a speaker at the launch. While she was happy about the steps Cambodia has taken against corruption through laws, new institutions and even the initiative to stop cheating at the national exams this.

“However, many challenges remain. Sweden support the Government of Cambodia in its efforts to fight corruption, including support to governance reforms that aim at improving transparency and accountability in public finance,” she said.

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While the report does appreciate what it refers to “a relatively robust legal framework” to fight corruption, it underlines that this does not automatically translate into practice.

“The integrity system still requires a lot of improvement in order to uphold the rule of law, ensure sustainable development and a good quality of life for the population at large,” a press release from Transparency Cambodia states.

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