Swedish Association in Hua Hin will not conduct membership activities in 2021


During a board meeting at the end of September, the Swedish Association in Hun Hin (Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin) went through the association’s ability to continue its activities during a time where Thailand is still affected by covid-19 and looked at the different alternatives and what consequences the decisions entail.

In a statement, the association writes that a unanimous board came to the following conclusion:

SfHH will not conduct any activities in the form of membership activities in 2021. This means that there will be no IKEA trip, no lunches in Hua Hin during the fall, no Christmas table, and no excursions. In short, all activities are postponed to the future.

As it looks right now, the spring activities will also be canceled, but we will decide on this in December.

The board of SfHH continues its operations, which means that we have ongoing contact with the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok, we hold board meetings digitally via Teams and we continue to operate, even though we have not had an annual meeting or other activities in 18 months. Everyone on the board has said they are willing to continue until we can arrange a new annual meeting, on-site in Hua Hin.

We want to encourage all Swedes in Hua Hin to keep in touch with each other via our Facebook page or in another way. Arranging a spontaneous lunch, Christmas table or other activities is certainly welcome among those who are in Hua Hin. Unfortunately, the entire board is in Sweden at the moment, which is one of the reasons why we do not feel that we can conduct any association activities in Hua Hin.

We want to take the opportunity to wish all members a pleasant and wonderful fall, wherever you are and we hope that the pandemic will also ease down in Thailand, so we tourists can return to our “beloved and wonderful country”.

The board of the Swedish Association in Hua Hin, through Chairman Lasse Håkansson

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