Swedish book is inspiration for Vietnam’s next blockbuster

Photo: Injeongwon @ WikiCommons
Photo: Injeongwon @ WikiCommons

Vietnam’s largest film project, is going to be an adaption of the Swedish book “I’m wanted” and the sequel “I’m Daniel” by  Swede of Vietnamese descend Daniel Luthman.

Vietnamese firm TNA Entertainment is behind this USD 4 million movie entitled I’m Wanted, which is a joint production by TNA Entertainments, the Sweden Film Institute and Canada Telefilm, Vitenam News reports.

Most of the movie’s scenes will be shot in Viet Nam, with the rest being filmed in Sweden.

The project was initiated by Vietnamese producer and actor Kim Ly after he read the two Swedish novels. He was deeply impressed by the alleged real-life story of Daniel Luthman who was adopted as a child from Viet Nam. Due to certain circumstances, Luthman became a gangster in Stockholm’s underworld.

Celebrated film personalities such as Swedish director Beata Gardeler, Hollywood producer Niv Fichman and Canadian script writer James Schultz are involved in the project.

Full article: Vietnam News

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