Swedish institute conducts human rights workshops in Hanoi

On Jan 27, the Sweden-based Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law conducted the first of three workshops in Hanoi aimed at strengthening international Human Rights standards in Vietnam.

The workshop in cooperation between RWI, the Vietnamese Institute for Human Rights, and the Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics and Public Administration, was led by Professor Nguyen Tat Giap from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Visiting professors Mr Brian Burdekin from Australia and Dr Miriam Estrada-Castillo from Ecuador gave lectures on the implementation of Human Rights to the Vietnamese constitution.

Professor Giap emphasized the need for a constructive dialogue between Human Rights advocates and the Vietnamese Judicial branch in order to promote the advancement of Human Rights in Vietnam.

Deputy Head of Mission, Ms Maria Selin, addressed the participants of the workshop on its second day by saying how pleased she was to participate in an event that will explore the establishment of a national Human Rights Commission in the country.

She said that she is looking forward to a continuation of this cooperation between the Vietnamese law faculties and the Swedish Human Rights organizations and that this project has much relevance to the situation in Vietnam. She also mentioned Sweden’s long standing partnership with Vietnam in promoting freedom of expression, transparency and Human Rights.

The remaining two workshops arranged by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute will take place in March and again in May with the goal of furthering the Human Rights implementation and discussion on International Human Rights Standards in Vietnam together with their strategic partners.

Source: Embassy of Sweden

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