Swedish journalist nominated for prize for China reporting

Jojje Olsson

Swedish journalist Jojje Olsson has been nominated for the first-ever “Selander prize” in Sweden. The Selander Prize is an award given to journalists who have done great reporting that promotes democracy and freedom rights.

Jojje Olsson has been known for his reports about China and its depreciation for democracy and freedom rights. He is very proud of the nomination.

“It’s fun to get recognition for my reporting about China, whose increased aggression still tends to get overlooked in Swedish media. I hope that the nomination can help to shed light on the Chinese authorities escalating ambitions of influencing the content of foreign media through threats, revoking visas, or other force-based incentives,” Jojje says.

The committee describes the reason for the choice of nominees as such:

“Now that we are handing out the first Selander Prize ever, we are very happy that we have three candidates who each have made themselves known as brave writers with huge integrity,” Chairman of the Eskilstuna-kuriren fund, which is the organizer of the award, Anders Frostell says.

With the Selander Prize comes a cash reward of  SEK 100.000. The winner will be announced on 9 February 2022.

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