Important covid-19 updates for Nordic citizens in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand

In recent updates, the  Danish Embassy in Vietnam and Indonesia together with the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok, have been sharing important and useful information regarding the covid-19 situation in the countries. 

Vietnam automatically extends temporary stay through 15 January 2022

The Embassy of Denmark informs that the Vietnamese government currently provides an automatic extension of temporary stay through January 15, 2022, for foreigners who entered Vietnam with a visa exemption certificate, e-visa, or tourist visa on or after March 1, 2020, and intend to depart Vietnam by January 15, 2022. 

Individuals in this qualifying group may exit Vietnam during this period without having to apply for an extension of stay.

Indonesia to isolate Omicron cases found in quarantine hotels at designated hospitals

Moreover, the Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia informs that the Indonesian authorities have announced that people testing positive for Covid-19-B.1.1.529 (Omicron) while staying in a quarantine hotel, will be transferred to a Covid-19 hospital designated by the authorities.

People will be responsible for the payment of all tests together with the cost of quarantine and hospital stay.

Face masks become mandatory when moving out in public in Phuket, Thailand

The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok informs that the Governor of Phuket announced on 7 January that everyone staying in Phuket is obliged to wear a face mask when moving out in public. Everyone must act carefully and pay attention to avoid further infection of the covid-19 and the Governor requests that everyone, tourists and residents cooperate and abide by the rules. 

If you are currently residing in Asia or planning a holiday there it is extremely important to keep yourself updated on the current restrictions and regulations as they vary between countries and change regularly. 

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One Comment on “Important covid-19 updates for Nordic citizens in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand”

  1. Hej!

    Med avseende på denna artikel om Visa i Vietnam, skriver ni:

    “Vietnam automatically extends temporary stay through 15 January 2022.”

    Det är helt korrekt, men jag vill påpeka att Immigration Vietnam nu har gått ner till 15 dgr extension, från tidigare 30 dgr.

    Jag känner inte till orsaken, men det verkar som de håller på att planera “något fuffens”.

    Kanske räknar de med att öppna gränserna mot ASEAN i nära framtid?❤️

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