Swedish speakers invited to CSR Asia Summit 2017 Bangkok

For the 2017 edition of the CSR Asia Summit – ‘Future Proofing Sustainable Business’ no less than five Swedes are on the list of speakers.

Johan Bygge, Chairman – EQT Asia Pacific; Anna-Karin Jatfors, UN Women Deputy Regional Director at Regional Office for Asia-Pacific; Martin Hallberg, Children’s Rights and Business Atlas Manager, Global Child Forum; Lars Svensson, Sustainability and Communication Director, IKEA Southeast Asia; and Jerker Tamelander, Head, Coral Reef Unit, UN Environment will be in attendance.

The Swedish King and Queen’s Global Child Forum is also represented.

This summit, taking place in Bangkok on 26 – 27 September, is one of the most important annual events for sustainability leaders in Asia. Stakeholders, including 450 senior business executives, and thought leaders from the public sector and civil society from across the region will gather to discuss pressing challenges, emerging trends and explore opportunities in today’s sustainable world.

Anna-Karin Jatfors, UN Women Deputy Regional Director at Regional Office for Asia-Pacific

“The CSR Asia Summit is one stop shop for learning about the focus and direction in which the CSR sector is moving and to engage with key stakeholder groups across the region.”

The theme for this year – future proofing sustainable business – will explore how companies are recognizing that there are measureable benefits associated with having a sound sustainability strategy. To leverage this strategy companies need to move from being reactive to proactive. Although the future is uncertain, businesses realize that they will need to contribute to the challenges associated with sustainable development. To do so means engaging with global challenges and making a contribution to development in line with core business activities.

Anna-Karin Jatfors will speak on the topic ‘How to Catalyze Business Action for Women’s Empowerment’, Lars Svensson on ‘Eco-towns and sustainable lifestyles of the future’, Jerker Tamelande on ‘The Marine Plastics Problem and Supply Chains’, Johan Bygge on ‘Unlocking the value of corporate sustainability’, Jerker Tamelander on ‘The Marine Plastics Problem and Supply Chains’ and Martin Hallberg on ‘Children’s rights: the risks and opportunities for business’.

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