Swedish textile machinery at ITMA Asia Shanghai

Swedish textile machinery manufacturers will showcase their latest innovations at the 2016 edition of ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 trade show taking place from 20-25 October 2016 in Shanghai, the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden (TMAS) reports.


“China is one of the most important markets for Swedish textile machinery manufacturers. With a high degree of automatization and digitalization, Swedish companies aim to meet the demands of a rapidly changing Chinese textile industry,” according to Therese Premler-Anderss, Secretary General, TMAS.

Most of the participating Swedish companies have attended the ITMA Asia show from the very start, the association reports. According to TMAS, the show offers an excellent marketplace for making valuable business contacts with partners, customers and potential investors.

The companies are:
Eltex of Sweden AB is a leader in yarn break sensors and yarn tension monitors for textile machines. The company will present the EYE Compact yarn break sensor system for tufting, which is said to eliminate the need for manual monitoring of yarn thereby improving quality and efficiency.

IRO AB is a market leader in the production of yarn feeding equipment. At the ITMA Asia, new developments for technical fabrics and extremely demanding applications will be shown to the Asian market for the first time. The company’s full range of all available products will also be widely represented on weaving machines throughout the exhibition.

ACG Kinna Automatic AB is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery for fully automated production of bed linen. The company will showcase its unique pillow closing machine designed to close the open end of the pillow using lock stitch. The machine has an output of 9 pillows per minute, according to the manfuacturer.

ES Automatex Solution AB is a leading manufacturer of automated machines for home textile production. The company will showcase several new machine concepts, such as Terry Towel crosshemmer, which is said to increase the production by 10% (up to 1000 pcs/hour on the size 50×100 cm, 1 lane).

Eton Systems AB is the inventor of the Unit Production System for material handling. The company offers flexible solutions for apparel, home textile and other light industry. Eton Systems support industry with optimal utilization of space, increased production, shortened delivery time, improved quality and increased profitability. Eton Systems latest development is ETONnote, a tool that further controls the production.

Finally, Baldwin Jimek AB provides solutions for finishing, remoistening, and water/chemical management. The system is said to offer many advantages compared to traditional methods of applying process chemistry. Some of these are reduced consumption of chemistry and water, reduced waste of process chemistry and water, shorter drying times – less energy, quick change overs, 2-5 min compared to 15-30 in traditional methods, the company reports.

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