Swedish Transport Solutions – Road show to Guangxi

On Dec 6, the Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish companies eBuilder, Scania, Volvo and Ericsson, along with representatives from the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Trade Council organized a road show to the Guangxi province capital, Nanning, to promote Swedish transport solutions.

The project is part of the Sustainable Transport Solutions cluster, which was started in 2011, when official Swedish actors recognized a need for focused and long-term promotion work with greater co-ordination to reach Chinese decision makers.

Nanning is the provincial capital of the Guangxi province. According to the 12th 5 year plan the city is to become a new transport hub in the region. China intends to move domestic production towards the western parts of the country. Guangxi – a province of more than 48 million people – is the only coastal province considered to be a western province. The aim is to have Guangxi connect the Chinese inland with the ASEAN countries. Investments are being made in infrastructure and are expected to continue in able to reach the goals set for the province.

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