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NordCham in Vietnam offers special summer staycation 2020 package

The year 2020 has been a challenging year so far globally, yet NordCham Vietnam chose not to let the obstacles prevent their members from a good time. In cooperations with its partners, Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam created a special staycation package to their members. For more information please read here.

NordCham Cambodia for better business and viking parties

On Wednesday 1 March 2017 a new chapter began in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A new Nordic Chamber of Commerce had their very first meeting where they presented their ideas and vision for a chamber in Cambodia. “To be the platform for engaging with Nordic businesses and activities in Cambodia,” was revealed as their mission statement…

First Nordic Chamber meeting in Cambodia

The first get together meeting of the new Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, was held last night, on Wednesday 1 March 2017, at restaurant Black Bambu in Phnom Penh. The organisers behind Nordic Chamber and the evening’s event were pleasantly surprised by the big show up. Around 50 people from local business, NGO’s and individuals…