Thai Chef and Danish husband buy legendary Hot Dog stand and add Thai food to the menu

Photo: Martin Damgård.

Pinda Frost and her Danish husband Niels Frost have bought the legendary Hot dog stand at Vejgaard Torv in the Northern Danish city of Aalborg and renamed it ‘Bangkok Kitchen’.

49-year-old Pinda Frost is originally from Thailand and had a restaurant in Bangkok for 18 years. After moving to Denmark in 2016, she worked at the Danish restaurant, The Green Kitchen, but from 1 April the couple took over the Hot Dog stand.

To Danish media NordJyske, the couple explains that Pinda will not only be selling famous Danish sausages and Hot Dogs at her stand but will also be adding traditional Thai dishes to the menu. “It will be more than a Hot Dog stall, there will also be Thai food. My wife is known for her Thai food,” Niels Frost says.

Pinda has wanted to open her own place for a long time and to be able to make the decisions herself.

“The small Hot Dog stand fits me well,” Pinda says. Several buyers had shown their interest when the Hot Dog stand went up for sale but the couple acted fast.

It is not only the menu that the couple is hoping to change, they also already have expansion plans.

“We would like to have room to make more Thai food, and we would also like to be allowed to have an outdoor seating area,” Niels Frost says.

According to him, the trade association of Vejgaard is also very interested in Thai food being sold at the Hot Dog stand as no one else is offering it in the area.

Niels Frost grew up in the area and is very much looking forward to taking over the Hot Dog stand. “I’m an old Vejgaard boy. It feels like coming home,” he says.

Bangkok Kitchen Hot Dog stand will be closed over Easter for cleaning and will reopen from Tuesday 6 April.

Photo: Martin Damgård

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