Thai-Danish Club Christmas games at Dexter

Thai-Danish Club had invited members for a tasty and fun afternoon at Dexter, the new hip place on Sathorn Soi 8, on Saturday 29 November 2014. As always when it comes to Thai-Danish Club events, what was significant about this event was not the number of members who showed up, but the fun the members who did, had!

Many had looked forward to seeing the Dexter Cafe & Bar because several of the members of the club are involved in the membership. But when the “Pakkeleg” – translated as gift game – began, the fun took the attention away from the location. Especially when Carsten Carlstedt unexpectedly added a one thousand baht attachment to two of the gifts in the extended competition. Over the next five minutes a hectic spat of dice throwing activity saw the two gifts change owners somewhere at least in excess of fifteen times.

By the end, a few consolation prices were given to the most unlucky participants, among other Mrs. Ambassador Rattanawadee Winther who had taken time off from the International Diplomatic Red Cross Bazaar that took place the same weekend, but won … nothing 🙁  Except now she has a 500 baht gift voucher and can come back for more anytime she wants.

Enjoy more photos here:

2014-11-29 15.51.57

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