Thai – SweCham Midsummer Party

On 14 June 2014, Thai – Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) together with a number of sponsors organised one of the biggest event of the year ‘Midsummer 2014’. As it was held to welcome summertime, TSCC agreed with Rembradt hotel to open the forth floor of a hotel where ‘Da Vinci Restaurant’ is located to set up tables, chairs and parade of traditional Swedish cuisines such as salmon, herrings, boiled potatoes with dills, salads, berries, breads, etc. to welcome all of our friends. Outdoor area accompanied with a pool was used to set up maypole and corner for making midsummer garlands ‘krans’ for children.


The event started by welcoming remarks from Jan Eriksson, President of TSCC. Then the buffet opened at around 12.45 hrs which attracted all guests to collect fine cooked foods and cakes. All friends enjoyed the event mirroring from their conversations and songs sung pleasantly while kids delightfully played all around, mainly in their kids corner.


The most significant and enjoyable moment was the lucky draw session which many tickets were sold by our staffs. It drew attention to who would win prizes. All prizes were kindly sponsored by both our members and non-members who we have to mention here in advance, namely, Bella Villa Cabana Pattaya, Center for Change Management (CCM), Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok, Katalina ‘Swimwear’ Collection, Oriflame, Phunawa Resort, Splash Jungle Water Park, Landmark hotel, Rembrandt hotel and Husqvarna. The first prize winner recieved voucher for 2 night stay at Phunawa Resort together with Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket.


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