Thailand most popular for Danish tourists

Even though more and more Danes make their way to Caribbean destinations such as Punta Cana, Mexico or Aruba, Thailand is still the preferred destination overseas.

In 2012 167.118 Danes spent their holiday in the Land of Smiles – almost twice as many as ten years ago. In comparison, 129.174 Danes travelled to Gran Canaria and 84.058 to Tenerife.

The big attraction in Thailand is still Phuket. The hotels have more than 42.000 rooms and another 4.000 is planned within the next three years. Even though Phuket is a favourite for the Danes, more and more Danes find their way to more quiet places like Khao Lak in the mainland,” Torben Andersen from Spies travels says.

At the moment Phuket Airport is expanding with a new terminal to give more room for the 8 million passengers who pass the terminal every year.

Below are the development in Danish travellers to Thailand.

2002: 84.618
2004: 87.611
2006: 124.150
2008: 151.903
2010: 150.300
2011: 159.620
2012: 167.118

Also the neighbouring countries of Denmark send thousands and thousands to Thailand every year. 359.144 Swedish tourists travelled to Thailand in 2012 making it the countries fifth largest visitor.


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