The calm after the storm: Worst Danish storm surge in 119 years

Blocked road at the coast. Photo: Niels Christian Aahøj Bech

The worst is over. Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) issued a warning for ‘very dangerous weather’ to happen around yesterday, 20 October 2023. Today, at around 11 am Danish time, DMI stated on the media X that the recent flash flood was in fact the worst one the country has had in the last 119 years.

In several cities the water levels exceeded 200 centimeters. Southern Denmark is particular hit, and the clean-up will take days, Martin Vendelbo, Brigade Manager at the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

“We need to move large amounts of water out of the cities, especially in Southern Jutland.”

Haderslev Sailing Clubhouse yesterday, covered in water. Photo: Viggo Hjort Kohberg

Generally speaking, the weather has been harsh in most of the country with strong gusts of wind and blocked coastal roads. In the clubhouse above, sand bags were used to try and prevent water coming in. Now it seems to have loosened up, and there’s silence after the storm. 

Source: DR

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