The Danish Church in Thailand is being sponsored by Grundfos and ScanProducts

Peter Sand, Chairman of the Danish Church in Thailand, with the Danish vicar, Christa Lund Herum.

The Danish Church in Thailand has secured sponsor support that will help the church economically in the future. Two corporations with Danish roots have agreed to become the Danish Church’s new sponsors.

The businesses are Grundfos, a global and well-known pump manufacturer, and Jens Bergsoe from ScanProducts, a local business that specializes in sale of Danish Design. The combined money donated from the two new sponsors will allow the Danish Church economic freedom to maintain the cultural and social services the Church offers.

“We’re very pleased to have come to an agreement with Grundfos and Jens Bergsoe from ScanProducts. The Church offers a lot of services and social events that need sponsoring, so it’s an economic relief,” adds Peter Sand.

The Danish Community is worth supporting

The decision to support the Danish Church economically was an easy choice, according to the Managing Director and Danish representative from Grundfos in Thailand, Kenth Hvid Nielsen. The Dane admitted to admiring the work and effort the Danish Church in Thailand puts into social- and cultural events and services to strengthen the Danish community in Thailand.

“The Danish Church is playing a very important role regarding of social responsibility, and we want to support them, so they can have better conditions to execute their work,” Kenth Hvid Nielsen said.

The Managing Director at Grundfos Thailand refers to the work the Church does in helping elderly, lonely or troubled Danes and visiting imprisoned Danes in Thai prisons to offer support.

Jens Bergsoe from ScanProducts agrees that the Danish Church’s presence and commitment is admirable, despite the economic odds being a bit unstable.

“It’s honorable work the Church is committing to doing and I wanted to help them have a fair chance of making it work,” Jens Bergsoe from ScanProducts said to ScandAsia.

Both Danes in Thailand, Kenth Hvid Nielsen and Jens Bergsoe, highlighted the Church as a social and cultural gathering point as a reason to why they decided to support the Danish Church in Thailand economically.

“It’s not just the Church, we’re sponsoring we’re also sponsoring the Danish Community and unity. It’s a thing worth supporting”, said Kenth Hvid Nielsen.


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