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“Thai-Dansk grammatik for begyndere”

is a language book written for Danish speakers who wants to understand Thai grammar. It is designed as a kind of reference work, which Danes who want to learn Thai have long missed.

The book contains in-depth explanations of Thai grammar that many students and language enthusiasts have difficulty understanding.

When studying Thai, basic Thai is probably the most demanding level, and here “Thai-Danish grammar” is an invaluable aid to further understanding the Thai language.

“Thai-Danish grammar” can be used both in addition to Thai courses as well as self-study assistance.

“Thai-Danish Grammar” is written by a Danish speaker who has been studying in Thailand for a number of years and who is familiar with the learning processes and challenges of being a Danish speaker, must go through to understand Thai grammar properly.

“Thai-Danish grammar” is written with a Danish pronunciation transcription and is easily understood so that readers who have not previously had much interest in grammar can also benefit greatly from the textbook.

1500 THB
Excl. VAT and shipping
Author Jeppe Fussinger
Number of Pages The revised 3rd edition of “Thai-Danish Grammar” is 274 pages.
Language Danish – Thai
Publication Date
Book Size (cm.) A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm)
Printed by Author
Weight (kgs.) 750 gramm
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