Health ministers from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Singapore shared ideas on digital Covid-19-response

Health Ministers and senior government officials from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Singapore attended a ministerial virtual discussion in the CogX 2020 Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Emerging Technologies, held from 8 to 10 June 2020. The summit was a gathering of leaders from industry, government and academia to address the topic “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

The focus was on sharing information of national digital responses to COVID-19, the lessons learned and ideas on getting the next 10 years right.

Other attendees included Health Ministers and senior government officials from England, Estonia, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland, Republic of Korea, Scotland and United States of America.

The attendees highlighted the role of technology in managing the pandemic and adjusting to a new normal. The discussion concentrated on the use of digital tools and solutions to support key areas such as telehealth, contact tracing, management of digital health records and public communications, as well as challenges such as  data protection and privacy, and the need for tailored digital solutions.

Photo: CogX 2020


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