Travel off Path: Step by step guide on how to travel to Thailand right now

Thailand has enforced strict restrictions on incoming travel since the pandemic started over a year ago and finding the right information can be a bit of a minefield. To make it easy, Travel Off Path has put together a step-by-step guide on how to enter the land of smiles as the country is now open for traveling.

Citing Travel Off Path below, here is how you get to Thailand right now

Step 1: Check your Eligibility – Visa, Or No Visa?

Luckily for most of ScandAsia’s readers, Thailand does not require a travel visa from travelers from the Nordic Region including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, or Finland nor travelers from most Asian countries including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Those not listed can apply for a Special Tourist Visa (STV) that allows you to stay in Thailand for 90 days initially with the possibility of extending twice for another 90 days each time. This visa is also a good idea for all travelers who wish to stay in the country for longer than 30 days and it is available for all foreigners from low-risk countries, according to Public Health Ministry regulations. To obtain the STV visa, you must show a booking for one of Thailand’s quarantine facilities together with proof of somewhere to stay for the rest of the visa’s duration and evidence of travel insurance that covers up to $100,000 for Covid-19 and $400,000 for other medical expenses. 

Below is outlined information about the quarantine and insurance.

Step 2: Quarantine Accommodation and Covid-19 Insurance

Travelers entering Thailand through the STV visa must have made secure quarantine accommodation bookings and Covid-19 insurance purchases before applying for the visa.

Travelers arriving without a visa must stay at one of Thailand’s Alternative State Quarantine facilities and present Covid-19 insurance covering up to $ 100,000 for the full length of the trip. 

The length of mandatory quarantine in Thailand has from 1 April been reduced to 10 days unless you travel from a country where mutated strains of the virus are prevalent. During the period, you will be tested for Covid-19 twice, one during day 3 to day 5 and the other on day 9 or day 10. The Thai government has yet to announce when or if vaccinated tourists will be able to forego quarantine altogether but travelers will be allowed more flexibility of certain activities like leaving their room during certain hours and for some purposes such as using fitness centers and swimming pools. 

Travel Off Path has presented this list of good deals on Thailand’s quarantine facilities here where travelers can check availability and prices.

Step 3: PT-PCR test

As of 1 April, all foreigners traveling to Thailand only need to present a PT-PCR test taken a maximum of 72 hours before flying, instead of the fit-to-fly document that was needed before 1 April. On top of this, travelers should prepare all necessary travel documents – passport, declaration form, insurance policy, ASQ booking confirmation, and flight reservation – to ensure a smooth travel process at the airports. Enjoy your flight!

Step 5: Quarantine and Beyond

Upon arrival in Thailand, all travelers will have a Covid-19 test taken before being taken directly to their quarantine hotels. If all testing’s taken during quarantine come back negative, travelers are free to travel around Thailand after the end of quarantine. Enjoy the land of smiles!

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